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5 must-have fitness accessories for home gyms

Our homes can be a great alternative workout space when the gym isn’t an option. Even with a tiny amount of space, you’ll be amazed by the types of exercises you can do at home. Sometimes all you need is the right gear for motivation. There are loads of fitness accessories available online. The challenge can be picking the gear that’s right for you and your fitness goals. 

You’ll find all sorts of exercise machines and equipment that are portable and enable you to do several different workouts. While some of these products are the real deal, a lot of them can end up being a waste of space in your home. Fitness accessories like yoga mats, skipping ropes, and resistance bands are perfect for home workouts. Accessories like these are easy to use and take up little space in small homes and apartments.

So to help you achieve your fitness goals at home, we’re sharing our top five picks for fitness accessories every home gym should have.

1. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most versatile fitness accessories you can use at home. They’re ideal for strength training, stretching, and cardio workouts. These bands are also a safer alternative to weight lifting. It’s just one of the reasons why physios and trainers recommend using resistance bands for rehab exercises after an injury. 

You’ll find some types of resistance bands that come with their own handles. There are also door anchors you can buy which make it easy to attach your favourite resistance bands to any doorway in your home. Use this versatile fitness accessory to isolate individual muscles or entire muscle groups for your next home workout.

2. Skipping rope

Skipping is a fantastic alternative to cardio workouts like jogging. You can engage more muscles and burn more calories per minute than swimming or rowing. Skipping with a rope also counts as a low impact workout. So it’s another fantastic exercise to do if you’re looking to burn calories fast without putting too much of a strain on your muscles. 

If you’re new to skipping for fitness, consider starting with a thicker and heavier skipping rope. Make the switch to a thinner speed rope when you’re feeling more confident. Speed ropes are used for more advanced skipping movements like the double-under made famous by Crossfit workouts.

3. Yoga ball

Yoga balls are fantastic for workouts that can help improve core body strength, balance, and flexibility. This versatile fitness accessory can also be used for warming up and stretching before a workout. You’ll discover plenty of stretches that can help loosen up muscles around the back, abs, and hip, which can help relieve pressure on your spine. 

Wedge a yoga ball between your back and the wall and you have a perfect stability aid for doing squats. When you get more confident with core body exercises, try ab rollouts and planking to get your abs firing. 

4. Ab wheel roller

This small fitness accessory is an essential tool for many diehard bodyweight and core fitness enthusiasts. The most popular move performed with this accessory is the ab rollout which targets your abs, lower back, upper back, and shoulder muscles. 

But there’s so much more you can do with the ab wheel! Core body moves like a bear crawl, knee tuck, and pikes can also be performed with an ab wheel. Just like your resistance bands and skipping ropes, the ab wheel is another small fitness accessory you can easily pack under your bed or in a suitcase for your next business trip. 

5. Yoga mat

A yoga mat is one of the most versatile fitness accessories you could have in your home. It provides a great layer of comfort for any floor-based exercise or stretch. It can also function as a non-slip surface for challenging moves like lunges and mountain climbers. 

Before you start looking for one, consider how you’re going to use it. Thinner yoga mats are perfect for performing stretches. Thicker mats are more appropriate for bodyweight workouts and moves that require weights like a kettlebell. If you’re taking your yoga mat to regular classes then get one with a strap to make it easier for carrying around.